Even though the expense of studying in the United States is so expensive, students who choose to study abroad prioritize studying in the United States. Because it offers quality education. However, certain admission requirements for American universities may demotivate them. IELTS is one of these tests. Avoiding English Language Proficiency is a goal of many candidates. Here are your possibilities if you wish to study in the United States in 2023 without IELTS. First, we will describe the procedure:

How to study in the United States without IELTS:

Step 1: Application Procedure to Study in the U.S.

Research and shortlist the universities and programs you wish to apply to in the United States.
You may view University rankings and Eligibility Requirements on university websites.
Examine all the nominated universities and select the one that is ideal for you academically and professionally.
You must submit an online application to the chosen university or college in the United States.


Step 2: Skype / Video Interviews

After the University has shortlisted you, you will be asked to participate in a personal interview. This allows them to assess your English competence as well as your motivation to be admitted to the university. To gain admission to the United States without IELTS, you must perform optimally in this interview.

Step 3: Tuition and Other Study Costs in the U.S. Costs:
If you pass your Video Interview, the college you have applied to will send you an acceptance letter. It’s to let you know that you’ve been accepted into the program you’ve expressed interest in. The next step is to pay the program’s tuition costs. Cost of College Education in the United States

Step 4: Apply for a US Student Visa
Next, you must submit an application for your student visa. Can I obtain a student visa for the United States without IELTS? is one of the concerns of overseas students who wish to continue their studies in the United States without taking the IELTS. The conditions for obtaining a visa to study in the United States are becoming increasingly severe, but it is still feasible to study in the United States without having to take the IELTS test if one has sufficient grades and academic achievement.

USA without IELTS Student Visa Application

So, is IELTS essential for an American student visa? If you have an international baccalaureate, have previously studied in English, or are from an English-speaking country, you can obtain a US student visa without taking the IELTS. However, if you are none of the above, you may be required to answer a series of questions at your visa interview, unless you have been accepted to a highly-ranked university. It is therefore possible, albeit complicated, to study in the United States without an IELTS visa. You will require the following files:

A Valid Passport
Recent passport-sized image
Confirmation page of Form I-20 DS-160
Payment of SEVIS application fees
Admission/Confirmation Letter from the University
Proof of Financial Resources
Accommodation Documentation
CV Academic Transcripts
Healthcare Insurance
Your university will inform you of any additional requirements, if applicable.
Eligibility criteria for study in the USA without IELTS
There are some requirements that must be met in order to gain admission to a university in the United States without IELTS:

If you are a native of an English-speaking country and English is your native tongue, you do not need to take the IELTS, TOEFL, or any other English Language Proficiency Test.
If you have attended and completed at least one year of academic studies in the United States, you may be admitted to an American university without IELTS.
There are Intensive English Learning Programs offered by several universities. IELP tests serve as replacements for the IELTS and TOEFL exams.
Similar to IELP, there are Summer Programs in the United States that you can attend to compensate for the lack of English Language Proficiency Proof and study in the United States without IELTS.
Some universities in the United States provide Bridge courses to students who do not meet the English Language Requirements for direct admission.
Some institutes do not require evidence of English Language Proficiency if you have completed secondary school and/or a bachelor’s degree in the English Language.

Universities in USA without IELTS: 

Here is a list of without IELTS universities in the USA where you can Study Abroad without IELTS:

Universities in the USA without IELTS Alternative Requirements to Study in the USA without IELTS
University of Colorado If the student is a native of an English Speaking Country

Have completed an academic year in USA as a student.

Drexel University University Preparation Summer Program (UPSP), and

Bridge Program for International Students

University of Arkansas Intensive English Language Program (IELP)
University of Dayton Intensive English Language Program (IELP)
California State University Must have attended secondary schooling or above for three academic years in:

Virgin Islands & Wales, United Kingdom, Trinidad, South Africa, Scotland, Nigeria, New Zealand, Kenya, Jamaica, Ireland, Guyana, Ghana, Canada (except Québec), Botswana, Bermuda, Belize, Barbados, Bahamas, Australia, Antigua

In some cases with the same criteria: Norway & Singapore

University of New Orleans UNO IELP 63+ in LGVR and 70+ in Writing
University of Delaware ELI (English Language for Internationals)
University of Iowa The minimum score in IELTS:

Overall bands: 4.5, no less than 4.0 in each module for conditional admission;

After that, compulsory attend IIEP: Iowa International English Program

What is an ESL Class?

ESL, which stands for English as a Second Language, is, like IELP, an English language course for non-native English speakers. These classes include instruction in English Grammar, Vocabulary, Pronunciation, and Spelling. These courses assist students in acquiring the required English language proficiency for the course and serve as an option to study in the United States without IELTS.

How many IELTS bands do universities in the United States require?

Before we get into the colleges where you can study in the United States without IELTS, here are some of the most common IELTS requirements at American universities. The Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programs in the United States demand between 6 and 7.5 IELTS bands for full-time studies, while the IELTS requirements for specific courses and universities vary. There are numerous IELTS 6 band universities in the United States. Some American institutions also offer ESL courses with reduced IELTS requirements.


As there are numerous ways to gain conditional admission to universities in the United States without meeting the English Language Proficiency Requirements, it is important to remember that the Eligibility Criteria for Universities in the United States vary from course to course and from university to university. Some may request IELTS while others may not. IELTS scores are usually beneficial to the Visa Process since they demonstrate that you have a solid foundation in Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking.


However, as mentioned Obtaining admission and a student visa in the United States without IELTS is difficult. We recommend you take the IELTS and then continue your education in the United States. If you work diligently, we are confident that you will pass the exam without difficulty.